Cut Flowers
Susan Hobbs Gallery
Here, Cut Flowers acts as a portal word, where two terms combine to create a subject and context for deliberation. Each work begins as an illustration of an idea that is now made physical and materially present within the space; the gallery acting as a void arena where forms utilize their language to communicate.

When cut from their life source, flowers become both free and trapped, suspended in a new transformative state. The longevity of a cut flower depends on the transmission of nutrients to their new form and becomes vital for their survival. Similarly, an idea that leaves the mind is informed and kept alive by its surrounding space and context.

Stripped from its source an idea grows into a subject, and a language of what thinking can look like begins to take shape. This series of sculptural works: Vases, lamps, fabric screens, carved knives and eyeballs create sculptural propositions throughout the gallery that chart a course of metamorphosis from thought in to form. Cut Flowers explores the nascent yet delicate characteristics of how an idea comes into being and what that arrival suggests.

Studio photos