The Allegorical Function of Dirt: a discussion with Aki Tsuyuko's Ongakushitsu, 2005
In The Allegorical Function of Dirt: a discussion with Aki Tsyuko's Ongakushitsu I approached the full-length of Tsuyuko’s album as a  base to inform the production of a video featuring twelve landscapes that I had constructed from dirt. My forming of dirt is a visual response to what I imagined to be Tsuyuko’s forming of music into a narrative voice.

I read Aki Tsuyuko’s use of the organs and keyboards to compose music as mediators that would record her constructions from the formless material of sound. The completed video containing the discussion between dirt and music was sent to Tsuyuko and a booklet documenting our correspondence accompanies the work. Contacting Tsuyuko was necessary to communicate that what I had read into her album’s intent was an additional narrative proposed as an alternative reading.

By responding to Aki Tsuyuko’s album I was curious if I could add to its history in any way or if that action would generate a network of growth - a situation where communication would expand the territory an idea occupied.

Printed booklet to accompany the video installation
A conversation via email and translator was arranged with Aki Tsuyuko and the dialogue is presented accompanied by images of the video's production.
First printing in 2005 by The Power Plant Contemporary Art Centre in Toronto, Canada
Second printing in 2011 by KIOSK a Contemporary Art Centre in Gent, Belgium