Errant Keys as part of Cool Invites curated by Misako & Rosen Gallery and exhibited at XYZ Collective in Tokyo, Japan
Hi Jeffrey,

I looked up the tracking number and the package is still enroute from Paris. Shipping in the time of Corona....

For reference, here is the tracking number that can be searched on the site


I've attached a few images of what is in the envelope. I've also attached an image that could be printed and used as a substitute in case this package doesn't show up in time.

The idea behind errant keys comes from two places. The first part is a small drawing that I discovered in my Aunt Gail's house in Toronto. She's kind of an environmentalist hippy with weird quirks. Never throws things out. Ever. She had collected a series of keys found around her house that didn't work on any of the doors. To order them she traced the key's outlines onto a piece of paper and then wrote the words ERRANT KEYS above their drawn outlines. I saw the drawing as an index of lost keys that open unknown doors. As if each key had the potential to unlock a never before seen room. Which could be a stand-in for a never before heard story, thing, experience, reality, etc... The potential of what 'could be' was an engaging idea to think about, and these keys seemed to operate as propositional objects. When I saw the key shop located down the street from the Misako & Rosen Gallery I thought about this drawing from my Aunt Gail, and what an Errant Key could represent. This key shop, with a rather incredible layout of keys forming the words KEY and LOCK, might also have a box of errant keys. Or, at the very least, the owner/operator would have stories related to these little objects that begin as uniform and unscripted, then cut to form a unique bond with a door's key-hole. An object forming a specific relationship of access that will literally enable the knowing of something that is unknown. Possibly unlocking a secret, or revealing something long forgotten. This is where I see the propositional nature of the key residing.

So, this became the impossible/possible exhibition that I would like to see happen. Where individual keys become discrete art objects capable of telling stories and indicating abstract relationships within a community. Maybe it's a display, or a performance. Or both.

The envelope I sent has an hand-drawn invite card done in the illustrative style I've developed through the years that breaks down words/ language into an evolving alphabet of caricature unique to the person using it. There is also a gouache and ink poster, because cool invites used to almost always be posters back in the day. The poster employs the stripe and the dot for this particular instance. Afterall, the stripe records the thoughts of a dot as it goes for a walk.

The other file I'm sending is an invite design featuring a series of errant keys I've been making in the studio. This can surely operate as a stand-in, or additional invite card, until the package arrives in Tokyo. To be a little 'extra'... the text can be printed on regular paper card stock (or however Cobra and XYZ Collective is handling the digital submissions) and then the photo could be printed onto photo-paper, and then pasted alongside the text on the card. Voila! Or, the whole thing can be printed onto whatever card stock. Just thought I would give options. And the files are attached below.

Thanks for the invitation, and hope to see all of you sometime soon!
Take care,