Annotated playlist for a book launch - After 8, Paris 2018

Lavender Lemonade recipe

Using a 500ml glass

100 ml squeezed lemon juice
300 ml cold water
3 spoons of lavender syrup
5-6 pieces of ice
*Then stir it with a spoon


Aki Tsuyuko - Ongakushitsu
This album expanded an idea that a medium, or ‘thing’, can operate as an intermediary device (or tool) to mould the unformed into something formed. Thoughts about Eric Satie, Landscapes, and oner’s own imagination are fed through a series of organs producing sounds that seem to describe a landscape as yet unrealized. Aki Tsuyuko using an organ to translate her own imaginative material into sound material. Giving shape and duration to the immaterial material of sound.

Cluster - Sowiesoso
German pastoral kraut rock from 1976 describing a time and a place, am aesthetic of living imagined through sound

Can - Tago Mago - Halleluhwah
A counter example of the same Kraut genre, Can evolve a song by pursuing a particular meandering pace where deviation of lyrical and instrumentation write a narrative over the course of a period of time.

The American Analog Set - Gone to Earth
An Austin, Texas example of the way a genre (Kraut) is re-versioned and developed within another community, in order to reflect that community.

Om - Conference of The Birds
A stand in for Dopesmoker from SLEEP (previously titled Jerusalem) this album was one of the first Dieter and I discussed when we met in 2005 and is how I was introduced to the band and the genre of drone. Drone being a description of a state that gives a nice entrance into the concept of a Gong bath.

Christina Vantzou - Solo Gong (Echo Room)
Christina Vantzou - Solo Gong (25minutes)
Gong Baths. Meditation principles of sound proving a state of relaxation and space for rest and wandering movement of thoughts. Access to abstraction through tone and time.

Boards of Canada - In a Beautiful Place Out in the Country
Pastoral sounds of frozen times, a story that dates back to shared location of origin: Calgary, Alberta and landscape, or the interpretation that geography as a working source to produce compositions. A kind of material void that encourages abstract projection to fill said void with thoughts and form.

Melvins - Eggnog - Hog Leg Like Stee, Moanin Ludlow
An example of lyrical mangling to produce an abstract state where words are evolved/devolved and deconstructed into a soup. Lyrical abstraction, word material

Bikini Kill - Pussy Whipped
Excerpt from Palms of the Fog (formerly known as Parrot Soup)

“The first time I really “got” feminism I was fifteen. Bikini Kill enunciated this quite clearly. Their album Pussy Whipped (1993) was my intro to the Pacific Northwest Riot Grrrl movement. The album was a gift, a CD passed along from a friend. Although introduced to Feminism two years earlier through the mother of another friend, this very large term had now been given a sound. It had also been given players, a voice, names, and an aesthetic. These were visual and aural definers presenting contrast to what myself and others were daily experiencing. I could see this idea. This idea, a politic, even had a place on the map: Olympia, Washington. It also had a place in my room – on the shelf next to my little stereo. Good music, like a good idea, builds a place for itself. People make music, and the Riot Grrrls made this loud and clear.

The culture surrounding this music instructed me on how the individual could intersect with the political, the social, and the cultural to produce allegorical suggestions of what an idea could look like. A nebulously large term for a teenager like “Feminism” was actively used to produce a point an audience could understand using a kind of language that is very immediate. Sound is introduced young in life. The comprehension of music comes shortly after. When watching a band play, you don’t sit down and read, you stand up and listen, and then you think.
Receiving this album was a literal invitation into a discussion of politics and aesthetics that I was not part of, and could not be part of, because of my gender. It was familiar though. It made sense. A person would be quite ignorant not to see inequality projected towards women, or any sort of person not straight-aligned with the cliché of belonging. I could empathize though. I could project a link. I would never be inside, but I could be beside it, next door, listening in. At the very least I could act as if I belonged. I figured everyone had a choice – this understanding would affect my language, actions, and thoughts. Giving additional tools of critique to address what was going on around me. The “life” that was going on around me.”

High Wolf - Fuji Descent
White Rainbow - Tuesday Roller and Strollers
Date Palms - The Dusted Sessions
Smycken - Undervattensklippan
Sun Araw - On Patrol - Deep Cover
Sun Araw - Ancient Romans - Impluvium
Bright Black Morning Light - S/T

Examples of contemporary psych. A description of time engaging the principles of duration, deviation, and conjugation that were introduced by the emergence of kraut rock and then carried forward and adapted, continually, to describe a community of thought regarding music composition and its ability to perform a kind of discursive abstraction describing space and narrative. Sometimes referred to as the sound of thinking.