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White Pearl Sunshine Summoning Charm (2007)

zin taylor white pearl sunshine summoning charm

The White Pearl Sunshine Summoning Charm is a 7 minute single channel video that depicts the musical summoning of a large white pearl form within an overrun garden. This video has been complied from footage I took of a semi-public garden in Antwerp, Belgium. The discovery of a white spherical form, 1.5 meters in diameter, and floating in a pond of dirty water, presented a scenario that could discuss the production of abstract forms relative to their emergence from a common environment. For the video, members of the witch-folk band AWESOME were approached about composing a musical summoning charm that would channel the embedded energy of the garden-jungle into secreting a sculptural form, the White Pearl. For the length of the music the Pearl exists and travels around the pond, examined from up-close and faraway. As the summoning charm ends so does the existence of this secreted form. The abundant material that was collected by the summoning is allowed to return to the environment from which it came.


Installation images from Jessica Bradley Art + Projects
zin taylor white pearl sunshine summoining charm installation